Monday, 28 May 2012

Tan Sri P.G. Lim is wrong about DPM posts for Chinese and Indian and about Lee Kuan Yew subsequently becoming PM of Malaysia

Tan Sri is a very much respected lawyer, diplomat and also in the field of arbitration which I am specializing in. Her views and opinions always carry a significant weight. So when I came to know that her memoir, titled Kaleidoscope – The memoirs of P.G. Lim is available, I am one of the first few who obtained a copy.
As I have this habit of finishing a book before starting a new one, I’ve only started to read her memoir on Wednesday and finished reading it couple of days ago. To my disappointment, the book not really a full memoir but it is more of a republishing of what the public already knew. However, what she wrote at the end of chapter 12, The Election of 1964, pages 206 and 207 catches my attention.
In the last paragraph of that chapter, she wrote that Lee Kuan Yew spoiled the chances of UMNO creating two posts of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia for someone from the Chinese and Indian communities and that the choice of a Chinese Deputy Prime Minister could go to Lee Kuan Yew. In this way each community would in turn have the chances, one day, becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia. She also added that such was the breadth of vision and openness current among Malay leadership at that time. Finally, she asked whether Lee Kuan Yew could have profited from this initial goodwill had he played his cards other in the way he did.
Tan Sri is wrong about this. There is no way; even at that time that the leadership of UMNO would allow someone that is not Malay to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Judging from history and their personalities, even if Tunku would like to have the post of Deputy Prime Minister for non-Malay, would Tun Razak and UMNO leaderships like Tun Dr Ismail, Syed Ja’afar Albar and even Dr Mahathir agreed to it ?  Or if they ever thinking of creating one, the post will go to Tun Tan Siew Sin rather than Lee Kuan Yew. Tan Sri, it is much of a wishful thinking for Chinese or Indians to be Prime Minister of Malaysia even though it is allowed in the constitution.
Lee Kuan Yew is a very smart chap. Never undermine the ability of Lee Kuan Yew. He had played his cards well. He achieved what he wanted and looking back, he is the one having the last laugh today, and laughed the loudest. 
Unless UMNO and the Malays are really prepared for non-Malay to be Prime Minister of Malaysia, such a thing would not happen, maybe never even in my lifetime. Perhaps a mini step would be, in the spirit of 1 Malaysia, we create a second post of Deputy Prime Minister for non-Malay. For BN and also for PR, they all should emulate Penang when it comes to having two Deputy Chief Minister’s posts so that all three major races are well represented or the state of Sabah with three Deputy Chief Minister’s posts for other races, including one for the Kadazan.
I would hope to see that manifesto of BN and PR in the next election will state that we will have the post of Deputy Prime Minister for non-Malays and also Deputy Chief Minister posts for other races in all states in Malaysia, not only Penang and Sabah.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A curious place in Terengganu

A strage picture.

While in Terengganu last week, I recalled that Rantau Abang was the place that people went to watch turtles laying eggs and coincidentally, I was staying in Tg Jara that is not far from Rantau Abang. Out of curiosity, I asked the receptionist if there are still turtles laying eggs in Terengganu. She replied, yes, but the turtles have moved to Kertih, where Petronas, the national oil company has a huge oil refineries and gas depot. No more turtles in Rantau Abang. I asked again why ? She replied that the place has become too commercialised and at times, there will probably be about 1000 people watching a turtle laying eggs. 1000 people ?? That is crazy!

At first thought, I was thinking maybe they lay eggs near at some beaches near to Kertih but to my astonishment when I was there, the turtles actually lay their eggs right at the beach at the back of the refineries. What is the reason that drove them to lay eggs there remain a mystery. Turtles need a dark and quiet place far away from human activities and lights to lay their eggs. The place is certainly not dark and quiet place but it is under WWF protection with a special hatchery. It is not open to public to watch the turtles laying eggs but with special connections, we were allowed a private trip.

Another common saying is that turtles cried while laying eggs because of pain or whatsoever. However, while there, we were told that the tears were not crying by the turtle but a way to cleanse the sands from their sensitive eyes. Due to this, we were not allowed to have photo of the turtles taken with flash. If flash were needed, the eyes of the turtles need to be covered with cloth. We were also told that turtles have bad hearings. What an interesting fact finding short trip!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My outlook over the years (Part 2)

In the peaceful surroundings of Tanjong Jara Resort, I sat alone facing the mighty South China Sea and started reminiscing the past ten years of my life. It has been a good ten years abundance of experiences and personal growth. I have changed from a carefree fresh graduate looking for a place on earth to someone already assured of my path and career. The biggest change in life would probably be my status of married instead of single.

Married life does not really change my lifestyles, ambitions and attitude but there are no doubt of extra responsibilities as someone’s spouse, someone’s in laws and etc. It is not easy. My carefree schedules while single had changed and more planning are required before leaving KL for the weekend or for as long as I wish. Consultations need to be done to fix into his schedules and my need to travel for holidays. Coaxing and horse trading has to be applied at times. I married a man that does not like to travel besides going to my hometown and is very bad at photography, totally my opposite in this sense. His travel is like a once a blue moon affair and has to be planned way ahead. 

Workwise, I would say everything has changed for great compared to the first few rocky years when I entered workforce first as political secretary and then political researcher. I no longer throw any thoughts for office politics, having seen too much or probably as a politician myself. There are more to achieve beyond the horizon rather than wasting time with petty and nonsense stuffs.

My hobby has also changed to less outdoor activities these days. Golf, horse riding and skiing has been replaced with tea drinking and collecting Chinese collectibles but of course my love for books and travelling remains. I have also had this habit of having a reading material with me all the time. I no longer waste time to chat while doing foot reflexology or while having my hair cut or while waiting for someone.

I have also traded fashion for durability. Gone were my fashionable watches, shoes, handbags and etc. that are based on trends. I tend to settle for one brand these days once proven its durability. Some bark at its price but if you calculate it, the end of the day, you will save more. Window shopping is also something of the past. Call me boring in this sense, yeah, that is me.

Probably the only thing that never changes in me is my attitude, my character and my liking for good food and good company. The Chinese have a saying that “江山易改,本性难移” (An empire can be changed but one’s character is hard to change). I am still the same person that call a spade and spade, vocal, aggressive and I still don’t take no for an answer despite offending people at times. When it comes to this, some said I still didn’t learn from the past but that is my principle.

What will my next ten years be? I don’t think I will change much although my favourite quote is – the only thing that never changes is that everything changes, from I Ching (易经).

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


He is Ravchandran A/L Suppiah a.k.a. Ravi, 47, IC No: 650909-05-5367. His known address is 99, Jalan PJU 10/14J, Saujana Damansara, Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

He used to be the head of security guard at Surian Condominiums, Mutiara Damansara where I am currently staying. He was removed from his duty on 6th March 2012 by the management and the security company that he was attached to.

The reason for his removal was his actions that caused to the compromise of the securities of residents of Surian Condominiums. Starting from around a year ago, he went around borrowing money from residents and even cleaners and gardeners working in this place. Many residents felt became his victim included me. His final act that got him booted out was he went into the house of one of the residents and got caught.
He came to my house one day about a year ago and said that his wife is in serious condition in hospital and he needs some money to save her life. Shocked, YH and I did not think twice before parting the money in order to save a life. He then promised to pay monthly. He lied. His wife was never in hospital. I started intensively to get my money back when he failed to pay us back monthly as promised. He made one lie after another, even to the extent that his company gave his a bounced check for his bonus.

I felt something fishy and I went to the management office and spoke to the manager and later spoke to the boss of the security company that he is attached with. All his lies and past records just came out like water gushing down from waterfall.
Many residents started to come out to share how he tells lies to them and how much they were owed. It ranged from RM 8000.00 to RM 50.00. We all believe that they are still more that not yet come out to point him. A few police reports were made against him. He is being barred from entering the compound of Surian Condo.

Now residents are wondering how they can get their money back from him. Some seek my counsel. One way best way to get the money from him is to go to his house and pressure him to pay. I went to his house last week and spoke to his wife, Jayamary. She promised to pay by 13th March. I hope she kept her promise.
Except for this this con man, all other security guards in Surian Condo do their jobs well. The management office are also doing their best to help the victims. Thanks to Mr Ronnie and Miss May.

I learnt my lesson. Never lend money to anyone anymore no matter what is the story. The reason I share this is because I do not want anyone fall into his trap again in future. He may found another job and start his modus operandi again at the new place. The next victim may be you because I know us all fellow Malaysians are nice people that do not hesitate to help. So, just remember this name. If I can get a photo of him, I will put it here.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My thoughts on Mother’s Day

Daddy, Mummy and I at Zhangjiajie, Hunan recently. Circa 2012.

Everyday can be a Mother’s Day, not necessary have to be on this particular day. To me, each and every day is a day to celebrate for my mom, to show my love to her, buy her gifts and to do everything for her. Not just once a year that on this particular day that we think on mummy and pay all tributes to her. I would say we should do all these every day.

My mom is an easy going and happy go lucky person. Her forte is not in cooking or household chores but manage my daddy’s business and us. She is a businesswoman by nature and she can count money faster than the teller machine. She would give us the best of everything but she won’t spoil us. My mom and I spoke to one another everyday even when I am overseas. My family is a very closely knit family. My mom is the kind that do not want anything from her kids except excellence in education, excel in everything that we does and stay close to her and daddy.

Sometimes I also wonder why the world celebrates Mother’s Day with bigger huh hah than Father’s Day. Doesn’t father contribute as much too?

Friday, 11 May 2012

My Chairman Mao statue finally....

The statue of Chairman Mao near his childhood home at Shaoshan, Hunan. My broken one is a 3 and 1/2 ft replica of this.

After my last blog went online, about the broken Chairman Mao statue and the attitudes of the staffs of China Southern Airlines, Mr Lim called me two days later and said that they will pay me the amount that I spent for the statue. (A copy of the blog and complain was sent to the airlines’ CEO in China). Ah…I thought these people need to be pressed from top to do something or my case will be left rotten….or like the Chinese like to say “make big issues small and then small issues into nothing”. Nothing for my loss? No way!!

Days passed without a word how they will pay me except that their agent will call me. Pissed off of waiting, I called a moment ago and to my astonishment, a lady from the other end said that they had managed to buy a same statue in China and are sending it to Malaysia. I should get it by Tuesday (15 May). Did I hear it wrongly? Honestly, I am sceptical. (Too much of rubbish from them) At first they said it is money, now it is statue. Yes, it is the statue.
Well, let’s see what will happen on Tuesday whether it is the same statue, same material and most importantly, same size. I don’t want to be getting a 1 ft high statue and said that is my compensation. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Lady, Myanmar, Protests and Bersih

Last night YH and I decided to watch The Lady at TGV KLCC at 11pm as earlier tickets at GSC Pavilion was sold out for the day. It is a very touching movie – about Aung Sun Suu Kyi who is willing to give up her everything for her motherland and about the supportive husband and children who never fail to believe that democracy will come to Myanmar one day.

I should say I am surprised or I am not when the crowds equal the student protests in Myanmar akin to Bersih protests in Malaysia and the military junta firing the students on the screen akin to police firing tear gas and water cannon to fellow Malaysians. Our police are just short of firing live bullets.

Then came a scene in 1988 where General Ne Win gave orders and gather opinions from his subordinates to crush the August 8 uprising headed by Suu Kyi, the crowd at the back ( we were seated 3 rows away from the screen) mentioned aloud “That is Najib”. Then when General Ne Win gave orders to General Sein Lwin who said that he will make sure Suu Kyi is forgotten and put her party members in jail, again people said aloud, louder than the last “This is Hishammuddin” to the laughter of everyone.

Our fellow Malaysian, Datuk Michelle Yeoh is starring as Aung San Suu Kyi in that movie, directed by Luc Besson. In the previous elections since 1999, we will see Datuk Michelle Yeoh on BN’s advertisement stating her support for BN and she has confidence in BN to rule this country. After this movie, and after three Bersih, after so much police brutality, I wonder if Datuk Michelle Yeoh will still support BN.

The Lady had its world premiere on 12 September 2011 at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival. I wonder why this movie took so long to come to Malaysia’s screens. Can anyone answer me?  
“Use your liberty to promote ours” – Aung San Suu Kyi. But Daw Suu, we don't have much liberty either in Malaysia. And we don't have The Lady like you here. Maybe Datuk Ambiga can be one?

Friday, 4 May 2012


Before I write more about other things about my recent stay in China, I would like to start on with this - that is workers and leaders at China Southern Airlines do not respect Chairman Mao and hence do not respect Chinese Communist Party and its leaders.
During the last leg of my stay in China, I visited Hunan Province, the home province of Chairman Mao Zedong and many other leaders of China. I went to the Chairman’s hometown in Shaoshan. Shaoshan is a holy place to the Chinese Communist Party and the people of China. Thousands of people throng this place every day. I was even told that all subsequent leaders of China after Chairman Mao have to pay a visit to this place at least once. There is even a huge bronze statue of Chairman Mao near his childhood home.

As usual with all places in China, there are stores all around the area selling statues of the Chairman and I end up with a statue of the Chairman about 3 and 1/2 ft tall that looked like the big bronze statue. Then the statue was carefully packed in a box. After visiting Shaoshan, we went on to visit other places of interest in Hunan before returning to KL. All the while, the statue of the Chairman was treated with due respect on a front seat of our bus that took us to many other places in Hunan.

At the Changsha airport, China Southern Airlines baggage check in counter, I opened the box to show the staff of China Southern Airlines that it is a statue of the Chairman and it is fragile. After that, my father and I took the box to the packing section of the airport and further wrapped it with plastic and plastic ropes.

Then we went back to the check in counter and said to the staff that it is fragile and please put more fragile stickers around the box. I even asked him that he can be sure it will not be broken, he said YES, it is alright to pack like this and with his stickers, it will be FINE. All in all, he sticks 6 fragile stickers around the box – front, two sides, and back.

Well, with these stickers, I am sure even the one with eyes side problem can see that it is a very fragile item. From Changsha, we change flight at Guangzhou. Back to KLIA, I retrieved my precious statue from the conveyer belt and from what I saw of the box and the sound that came out from inside, I knew it was broken.

My friend, whom my luggage was checked in under his name (we did a group check in) and I straight away walk with the box to the luggage complain office in KLIA. The helpful staff from Malaysian Airlines tried to call the staff of China Southern but to no avail. Then they offered to help. They took some pictures of the whole broken box with all fragile stickers. Then we opened the box and retrieved the broken statue. I left the whole thing to the MAS staffs to be passed to staffs of China Southern Airlines. There is no point taking home a broken statue.

Well, the next day till about 4pm, nobody from China Southern Airlines call me about the broken statue. Then I made a call, the person in charge of broken baggage, a Mr Lim was on leave. I left a message for him to call me. He did not. Two days later, I call again; Mr Lim is again on leave. The person on the other line, a male, said I should call back again when Mr Lim is back. Excuse me, from customer service point of view, should he call me or I call him, I asked the man.

Meanwhile, that stupid man that I never get to know his name try to “solve” my problem by saying that he knew about my case BUT HE HAD NOT SEEN THE BOX AND THE STATUE. I told him about the fragile tag and what the staff at Changsha told me. I also told him that I am very angry. AND THAT STUPID STAFF SAID MY STATUE COULD BE BROKEN DURING TURBULENCE!! Then I told him that if it is turbulence, the box would not have broken like this and if he thinks this is the first time I am flying. From my experience of flying around the world, this is the work of someone throwing the box!! TURBULENCE MY FOOT!!! AND THEN HE SAID HE SAW THE RED BOX!!! JUST NOW HE SAID HE HAD NOT SEEN THE BOX AND NOW HE SAID HE HAD SEEN IT! WHAT A UTTTER LIAR!! That was episode one.

The next day Mr Lim called me. This time he said that I took my luggage out in Guangzhou and could have broken the statue. AGAIN MR LIM THINKS THAT IT IS MY FIRST TIME FLYING!! Connecting flights on the same airlines do not require you to take your luggage at the next airport. You only take it at your final destination. I said to Mr Lim, I have 22 witnesses to go to court to tell you that we do not take our luggage at all at Guangzhou. Then he said he will investigate. WHY ALL CHINA SOUTHERN STAFFS ARE LIKE THAT – THINKING THE CUSTOMERS ARE ALL STUPID IDIOT PEOPLE??

Now episode three, Mr Lim asked for receipt for that statue. In China, tell me where can you get receipt when you buy stuffs at normal stores? I AM THINKING HAS THIS MR LIM SET FOOT IN CHINA BEFORE AND BUY SOMETHING?? I told him I do not want any money, I want the statue exactly the same. They can get it from China easily. It is not about money, it is the statue of the Chairman that matters. He said he will talk to his boss. Where is his boss?

Nobody from China Southern Airlines has come back to me since then. So to say, Chairman Mao is not important to them and it is not a matter of urgency to settle it.


P/s: For record, in 2009, I had similar experience with Malaysian Airlines. It was also a statue of Chairman Mao that was broken by them when I flew from Beijing back to KL. Malaysian Airlines just asked how much is it and pay on the spot and apologise. NOBODY FROM CHINA SOUTHERN HAD EVER UTTER A WORD OF “SORRY”

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bersih, Bersih and Bersih – Enough is enough of BN

When I say enough is enough about Bersih, what I mean is I am having enough of BN, of police’s brutality and agent provocateur planted by the government towards any peaceful protest and assembly in downtown Kuala Lumpur. As a MCA member that is part of the ruling coalition, I am supposed to follow the official line of my party but this round, my judgement and patience is really tested.

Although I am not there for Bersih 3.0, there are many friends who was there and their statement is totally different from the statement by the government. What a big joke is when our Home Minister said that police acted professionally. The whole world is laughing at this. Come on Keris Hisham – do you think Malaysians these days are still the old Malaysians that you can fool?

There are also similar Bersih 3.0 protests running concurrently at many locations around the world. Why all those protests done outside Malaysia went on smoothly without any untoward incident? The answer is simple, the police there really acted professionally by allowing people to have peaceful assembly and do not do anything to harm the protestors. Police and protestors work together to ensure everything is alright. My friends in Melbourne, where there was Bersih 3.0 protest in Federation Square in Melbourne CBD, told me about their fun and pride singing Negaraku and doing something that is right for their beloved country – Malaysia. They just want transparency.

In Malaysia, what happened? From 1998 when Anwar was sacked as Prime Minister until today, 14 years later, I have never seen a peaceful protest in downtown KL. What usually started as a peaceful and carnival like walk around downtown KL will always end up with water cannon and tear gas. Is it the fault of the protestors who turned ugly or police who provoked them first? My friends who are not aligned to any political party who attended Bersih 3.0 said about agent provocateur and police turned violent. So now, who turned violent?  Keris Hisham, can you and your professional police please explain?

I can still remember when the government hiked the petrol price by 70 over cents per litre in 2008 despite Abdullah the liar denying that there will be a hike for many times, there was peaceful protest in KLCC on a Friday where my office is located. I saw for my own eyes how a peaceful protest turned into small riot when police turned violent first, not the protestors that turn violent. The rest is black history in Malaysia.

Ah Jib Kor, do you notice the number of Chinese and Indians that turn out at this time’s protest? They are those that usually stay at home to avoid trouble. But why they turn up on that day? Majority of them are not aligned to any political party such as my friends. They turn out because they are pissed off with your government. There are many things that are remain murky and these people just want transparency. Not only transparency in elections but also deals involving government linked companies and contracts given out. They want Bersih in everything.

Ah Jib Kor, you said you have done many for Malaysians and you want Malaysians to give you a good mandate in the coming election but let me tell you, what you have done all the while have gone into the drain because of how your government react to Bersih 3.0. All your walkabout, your donations here and there, your Bantuan Rakyat Malaysia and all that you have done is useless. You can be assured that the votes from Klang Valley will go into the hands of PR. Your dream of taking back Selangor will remain just a dream.

Ah Jib Kor, why nobody tell you to just forget about planting agent provocateur and forget about tear gas and water cannon and also do not do anything to reporters? Or your message that meant peaceful to your cousin the Home Minister and the police were listened wrongly? If yes, please sack your cousin and those responsible. You should just ask the police to give mineral waters and flowers to the protestors and urge them to disperse. If you do that, I can assure you that you win the day, not Ambiga and PR. I can also assure you that you will win big in the coming General Elections.

You should know by the rule of thumb that reporters and cameraman from the media must not be disturbed to do their duty. Ah, what happened to your promise of freedom of press and also freedom of peaceful assembly? Is it your cousin Hisham forget that you mentioned such things before?

Ah Jib Kor, how now? Even I, your supporter am now saying enough is enough of BN. Bersih has turned into Kotor BN.

Away to China

Dear readers and followers of my blog, I was away from Malaysia for Spring in China (not to be mistake for Arab Spring) for a few weeks and therefore have no time and good internet access to blog from there. Facebook is banned in China and I have bear to make do without Facebook.

To access to is another nuisance that take ages to load, thanks to the recent nationwide firewall blockade done by the Chinese authority towards foreign blogging site due to the case of the infamous Bo Xilai and the blind blogger lawyer Chen Guancheng who had taken refuge in the US Embassy in Beijing.

Of course, I have plenty of stories to share about my adventures in China that had taken me to Beijing and many other places. However, coming back, it is all about Bersih, Bersih and Bersih as if nothing else happened in Malaysia ever since Saturday, April 28 except Bersih.