Saturday, 25 August 2012










This is a copy of a poem a very good friend of mine dedicate to his darling wife whom he has not heard of for days.I was asked to translate this poem knowing my ability with classical Chinese but I don't think I have the ability to do a comprehensive translation. The translation read is more or less like this:

On top of my pillow is full of sorrow for my love of you that I miss you, akin to a sea or surging billows. As night is long and dawn is slow to come, I think of you in my mind. The stars being the witness, how can I leave you far behind? The waning moon floats in the western spheres, at the sight of this, how can I not cry?
 So touching !!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Best Chinese phrase to describe human being

One of the phrases that I found that tells the richness of Chinese words that are hard to explain in English.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Teluk Intan

An encounter at a birthday celebration yesterday with See Ming, my former colleague who comes from the same hometown just made me drop everything out of my busy schedule to write this blog. I have not been writing for a while but the sense of pride of coming from Teluk Intan and schooled at Convent Teluk Intan is just great. This school, St Anthony and SMJK San Min produced quite near to 50 of my current and former colleagues. However, I would not call Teluk Intan my home these days and I’ve never stayed there for full two weeks ever since leaving for university.

Teluk Intan, formerly known as Teluk Anson is a small town located at the southern part of Perak. It is a town where almost everyone knows everyone in town and their family members and where everything is still slow moving and relaxing.  It is also a place for “migrant workers” like us to go back for the ever good home cooked food besides fresh and cheap seafood, tasty chee cheong fun, assam laksa and for my case, a good place to get my cars serviced at a price half of that of KL. (I am sure my mom will muse reading this.)

Here are some quick tips about Teluk Intan, a place to stop by if you are heading to Pangkor Island or Lumut:

1)      The leaning clock tower: A historical clock tower that is always being compared to the leaning tower of Pisa. Open for view and visit to its interior daily.

2)   Teluk Intan chee cheong fun: Located at the end of Jalan Pasar and Jalan Hill, only open after 8pm but available till 6am. Closed on Sunday and Monday nights. Takeaway only.

3)      Teluk Intan “heong piah”: There are a few shops that made “heong piah”, a kind of biscuit, but I would say those made by Sin Guan Hoe are the best. Located at upper Jalan Ah Cheong, not far from the chee cheong fun shop.

4)      Best place for dinner: Tai Chong Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Changkat Jong.

5)      My personal suggestion for lunch: Nasi Kandar Krishnan at Jalan Changkat Jong.

6)      Best place to stay: I would say my parent’s house; otherwise Grand Court Hotel, Jalan Padang Tembak is the newest and best hotel in Teluk Intan.

7)  For drinks: Check out Al Fresco which belongs to my classmate Lee Yee, next to Tai Chong Seafood Restaurant.

8)  Assam Laksa: I've known the aunty who sell the famous Teluk Intan Assam Laksa for well over 20 long years. She used to run the canteen at Convent Primary School and her assam laksa have been famous since then and I would say it is the best in Teluk Intan. Today, her stall in located at a coffee shop next to the former Rex Theatre (now Big Cinemas) at Jalan Sitabharam Pilay.  Open from 11 am till about 3pm.

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