Thursday, 11 October 2012

The apple of my eye – Baron

Baron in his usual antics when he want attention !

I had been wanting to have a cat since my return from Auckland many years back but it never materialize until April last year. Initially it was my housemate back then, Jessica a.k.a Little Ben who had cat phobia but she finally overcome it after she moved to Melbourne. Her phobia was chronic that she can’t even see the sight of a cat and having meals with her at places infested with stray cats was always a horrible experience.

After Little Ben moved to Melbourne, I procrastinated for a brief while because my mom kept telling me that cats loves to jump around and they have the tendency to scratch furniture. She warned me about my collection of teapots, my porcelains and my precious wooden antique furniture. To put me off, she even went on to say a cat may pee on my tea. Actually, the main reason she wants to dissuade me from having a cat is because she knew I am always travelling and who is going to take care of the cat if not dad and her?

However, I never give up. I believe cats can be trained. So one Saturday in April, YH and I went for cat hunting. We went to a few shops and finally found one that we really love to bring home. He was 3 months old, of Exotic American Shorthair breed (less trouble with grooming) and of mild temper. With him come his accessories for grooming and vitamins and long list of stuffs that made my own body grooming set look humble in comparison.

Baron came home in our Rolls Royce driven by his new daddy – YH and I became his mummy. True to his namesake, Baron is a haughty but cute cat that was spoilt rotten by his daddy and mummy. He has been a very good cat too except with a few peculiar habit such as love drinking pu erh tea, wanting his food really fresh and sleep on the bed in my master bedroom as if he owns the whole bed. Seeing him home after a tiresome day just delights our day. The decision to have him with us is the right one.

He is also the cat that knew how to throw tantrum especially being left alone at home over the weekend when both of us are away. When he saw us with luggage bags, he will hide himself and ignore us no matter how we try to cajole him, unlike his usual self that he will walk us to the door when we are leaving for work. He will repeat the same routine when we are home until his mood is alright again. The longer we are away, the longer it will take for his mood to be okay again. What a cat with character.

There was even a joke among friends that if a kidnapper decides to kidnap either one of us, Baron is the best choice because for sure I will pay the ransom immediately without asking for a discount. Who handle his poo and scheduled nail clipping and bathing then? Well, it is the daddy’s job right?