Thursday, 13 December 2012

Highlight of 2012 – The Malaysia General Election that never come

So, now Malaysians know that 2012 comes and going to end without the dissolution of parliament.  Starting from the third quarter of 2011, there had been talk that parliament will be dissolved before 2012 for the Prime Minister to get a new mandate riding on his populist policies. When that didn’t happen, pundits and respected politicians claimed that it will definitely be 2012.
Even I myself expect it will be 2012 as I wrote in one of the blogs in December 2011. However, after attending some events during and after Chinese New Year 2012, whenever asked about when is the next GE, my standard answer will be: it will only be in 2013. (I am not going to reveal my source here.) Most listened with astonishment and quite a few challenged that.  So many predictions came and gone, when it didn’t happen after the listing of Felda Global Ventures, the next event cropped up. Some even went to the extend to say that the Prime Minister will call for dissolution immediately after the result of the US Presidential election and China’s leadership change were announced.

I even have a bet with a close friend who said it will be right after the UMNO General Assembly while the euphoria from the assembly is still high among UMNO members. As well all know, the next GE is the do or die battle for many political parties. I would say, with majority of Chinese and Indian votes safely in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat, the deciding factor will be the Malay votes, many among them first time voters. This friend of mine conceded his lose and agreed to pay for my flight ticket for my end of the year holiday down South.

All school holidays throughout 2012 were earmarked for possible time for GE. I pity the children of politicians and party members for all their holiday plans with daddy or mummy have to be altered again and again. Another friend who is running a travel agency complained that his business is badly affected because of this. Then another friend who is in the share brokerage industry cursed the PM for being weak and indecisive and that he is going to vote for PR this time. The reason for this is because his brokerage business has been bad throughout the year as most investors are all waiting to invest only after the election. The election factor!  Well, I can understand his frustration.
So, the dissolution of parliament will definitely be next year or it will not be called at all because the Mayans predict that end of the world will come in a few more days?