Sunday, 30 November 2014

My brother’s car was stolen yesterday 弟弟的车给人偷了

A caption of the stolen car. 
Dear friends,

My brother’s car, a black Ford Fiesta Limited Edition with Red Stripes was stolen yesterday29November2014 afternoon at Mutiara Damansara in front of 99 SpeedMart. The suspect is an Indian guy according to passerby. 
Thank you.


昨天午时,1129日,我弟弟的车,一辆黑色的Ford Fiesta Limited EditionMutiara Damansara, 99 SpeedMart 前门的路给人偷了。

P/s: we have found the car, thanks. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Our first holiday together in 2014

It will soon be six months since daddy left us unexpectedly and I can proudly said that my mother as well as my siblings are coping very well. We’d moved forward from the moments of anguish, emptiness, sadness, all that you can name when a love one suddenly departs, in fact, the recovery is much faster than expected because we all believe that this is what dad want to see from us when he is seeing from a better place that separate us the mortals and the immortals.

I would have to attribute this strong part in all of us to my mom – a very strong willed mom that turned daddy’s love into courage, determination and perpetual happiness. Friends often asked me how mom is coping, is she well? My answer will always be this: “when you hear her talking about investments, tours and beauty products, you’ll know that she is well.” Nevertheless, daddy’s image will make its appearance in us most of the time and it will always be.

Two weeks ago, mom and I embarked on our first holiday together in 2014. The destination this year is South Korea. An annual trip with mom and dad is a must for us, thus, it is no difference this time around. We were supposed to be on a trip to Hokkaido for the lavender, with dad but I’d made a mental note that I will be there next year with mom. I’d never like South Korea ever since my first visit some eight years back. I never like K-pop or Korean drama. I turn nauseated at the smell of kimchi. I never enjoy Korean cuisine except for the barbeque provided that the meat is not marinated.

But off I went there as a tourist again with mom. She’d always wanted to visit this place and I will never cease to say that if you’d visited Japan, South Korea is probably a miniature for you to discourage her. I do have my supporters among her friends who can’t resist complaining about the food yet at the same time were in all praises for Made in Korea cosmetics and beauty products. Unlike our trip to Turkey where we went with 60 cups of Maggi Curry instant noddle, we didn’t repeat it this time knowing that mom is never picky about food unlike daddy and me. I told mom that, worse come to worse, we will just have KFC.

The trip was a happy one for her – as always, not about the places of interest but shopping. From Jeju Island to Seoul and along the way, she just kept adding more and more facial and cosmetic products. I just can’t help wondering; didn’t they have other things to sell besides that? It is a whole nation on steroid about beauty, regardless of gender. While the world is concerned about Kim Jong Un, his temporary disappearance and whether will he send a missile across the DMZ to Seoul, South Koreans are busy thinking about what cosmetic to apply next or which part of their face that still needs another round of cosmetic surgery. What a funny nation!

How about me? I was delighted with the autumn colors, catching up with my reading while mom is busy shopping. However, when it comes to the amount of money spent, I topped mom for I splurge on boxes of Korean ginseng tonics and a nice set of silk sheet for my tatami bed that comes with exquisite embroidery, something that I can’t get in China.  

With a few trips lining up in December, I hope mom will join me for some of them. At the end the day, what delights me the most is not the beautiful colors of autumn or the skyscrapers and neon lights of Singapore and Shanghai (where I am heading next and next) but to see mom’s laughter and the happiness in her face. Ah yes, how can I leave out, the thrill in her when she spread out her shopped items at home.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Patience and art of cultivating mini bonsai

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything that you need - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Oh my dear bonsai, thou are like a like pampered spoilt rotten pet, like Baron, that needs high maintenance, difficult to control, constantly in need of mollycoddling and expensive the acquire! However, cultivating bonsai, especially the miniature ones teaches me one thing valuable that money can’t buy: patience. Besides that, the satisfaction and sense of achievement when a bonsai trees acquired certain shape after careful training are beyond words to describe.

For the past few months, I have been tending to various shapes, sizes and types of bonsai trees with the help of Uncle Eng Hooi and I have taken particular liking for the miniature Juniperus Chinesis. I am thankful to Uncle Hooi for his very generous help in selecting the trees and the training of the trees. Without him, I doubt I will be able to do much based on knowledge from books. He should be crowned the walking encyclopedia of bonsai!

The main allure of miniature bonsai is to create the perfect versions of what the tree would look like as the adult and matured tree. It takes years to for a bonsai to mature and take shape but even the best care cannot guarantee the ideal results. Therefore, patience is a must when tending to these precious trees. Bonsai also adopts a very Zen () concept (not surprising since its creators are Zen masters) with its “less is more” minimalist philosophy. More green leaves do not mean it is a nice tree. A note here to my beloved mom, don't frown when I trim daddy's bonsai to what you call "botak", LOL. 

Here are some of my minis Juniperus Chinesis captured through the lenses. They are not considered matured and it will take years before they do on which by then I am not sure what shape they will developed into. Patience, the essence for timeless perfection, with these trees I learned.