Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I also have millions in the account, so?

Today, one reads about “Tony Pua’s wife accused of stashing RM3m abroad” from Two weeks ago, one reads about “RM2 million deposited into Rosmah’s account, claims Sarawak Report” from In between, one reads about “Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir and his sport cars” from some unknown blogger. These are just some recent news about the millions in the account of wife and children of politicians from both side of the divide.

If one cares enough to Google further, one will read about so called “millions” attached to almost every notable politician or their spouse or children in Malaysia. My schoolmate and the BN candidate for PJ Utara, Chew Hoong Ling was accused of receiving millions to join MCA. I was once accused of receiving a million (of I don’t know in what currency) and a 4 wheel drive to join MCA. If one cares to tally, it seems that everyone who joins MCA from either DAP or NGOs are said to be receiving millions.

Hoong Ling and I can prove that the property and cash in our name are from making honest income through investments and we are all happy to share with the world how to make money and create value through investments. Not too long ago, I’d issued the same calling to Danny Law Heng Kiang, the DAP EXCO from Penang to share with the world how his son Nigel Law, at the young age of 24 is living an extraordinary extravagant lifestyle. It would be wonderful if Nigel Law’s success story can be lessons for others to follow towards the path of abundance. Read here.

There is nothing wrong to for politicians, the spouse and children of politicians to be having millions if all the millions are from honest living and the source can be accounted for. And, these millions should not be immediately accused to be coming from corruption practices. However, most of the people, without a check, would often jump into the conclusion that “ahh…..corrupted money!” It is not wrong either, for businessman with millions in the bank account to join any political party or government to serve the people and nation, in the case of Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, Datuk Paul Low and in this instance, Tony Pua.

There were also allegations of the millions in the bank account of MCA’s Deputy President, Datuk Wee Ka Siong but those who made the allegation just do it without stating the fact that Wee Ka Siong was an engineer and run his own successful consultancy firm before becoming Member of Parliament. I’m actually not surprised with the millions in the name of Tony Pua and his wife due to their background as business person. It is the same if one day someone is to say of Fong Kui Lun, the MP for Bukit Bintang. Fong runs a successful car showroom. The list goes on and on....

Not all BN politicians are corrupted and not all DAP, PKR and PAS politicians are angel either. When the politician accused of having millions to their name or to their spouse and children and relatives have got nothing to hide, the natural trail of how their millions are accumulated can be easily shown and shared without having to worry for MACC investigation.

Halfway through this article, a journalist friend Whatsapp me regarding Tony Pua’s so called RM 3 million stashed in foreign country and the government’s decision to bar him from exiting the country. She wrote: "RM 3 million can’t even buy the corner lot of a terrace house in Mutiara Damansara. Disgusting gutter politics!" I have to agree with her. 

At the same time, I would call for political donations whether to the party or to the Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman in person or through ceramah or other ways be made public of their source and usage. Ahh…. since DAP always preaches for transparency in everything, why don’t the DAP start it? And what happen to Penang Government’s declaration of assets in public by the Chief Minister and his EXCO? After the first and second time, where is the third? And Selangor and Kelantan state government's ? It would definitely stop a lot of allegations and counter allegations. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Delicious kaya puff from Kuala Kubu Bharu

“Kaya”, a type of local jam made of coconut milk, eggs and pandan leaves which originate from the Hainanese community in Southeast Asia, and a favorite of all races in Malaysia and Singapore is also one of my favorite foods. Kaya is usually served together with a toast as well as being used to make buns, cakes and pastries. When served with toast or for kaya buns, I love the kaya to be spread as thick as possible while with cakes and pastries, I prefer the type that is not extremely sweet or it can made me feel bloated.

Kaya puffs from Teng Wun Bakery And Confectionary. 
I have tried many kaya puffs, kaya buns and kaya cakes from different establishments all around but none can beat the delicious kaya puff from the humble Teng Wun Bakery and Confectionary in Kuala Kubu Bharu. This unassuming shop, located at no 15, Jalan Dato Muda Jaafar also sell sponge cakes, tarts and wedding biscuits but their specialty is the kaya puff. The puff is crispy and its kaya is rich but not too sweet with a wonderful aroma. It melts in the mouth!

There are usually a huge order and queue for the kaya puffs, especially on weekends and public holidays, so it is advisable that you call to make a booking if you are in Kuala Kubu Bahru or pass by on the way to Fraser Hill and intends to try out this delicious puff. Teng Wun Bakery and Confectionary is contactable at 03 6064 1536 and they are open daily from 9am to 6pm. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

A mom’s happiness when all kids are home

I candidly took this photo of my beloved mummy next to the newly arrived pair of wooden giraffe gift from our family friend which Yong took home yesterday. Words just can’t describe how happy mummy is when seeing all her kids are home together even just for the few days. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Tan Sri Azman Hashim’s turn now to clarify everything!

Courage is found in unlikely places - JRR Tolkien 

Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Tun Mahathir's riding buddy. 
When a lawyer say something, especially for something that will be on record, something that can lands him in trouble with the Bar and something can he/she can be sued for defamation, he must be very sure that whatever he said is fully backed up by evidences unless he is really insane and looking for trouble. Lawyer Md Zainal Abidin, who heads the NGO Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia, as reported by Free Malaysia Today claimed that a banking tycoon who is very close to Dr. Mahathir leaked those accounts to the Tun.

Adding to the sensation, Md. Zainal Abidin also hinted that the tycoon shared Tun Mahathir’s love for horse riding. It is not really hard to link which banking tycoon is this. A simple Google search will wield results that show Tan Sri Azman Hashim’s love for horse riding. It was also well reported that Tan Sri Azman Hashim and Tun Dr. Mahathir are close friends and they even went on horse riding in Argentina together. It is no coincidence that Tan Sri Azman Hashim is the Chairman of AmBank Group. AmBank is the bank that Wall Street Journal pointed to be the bank that Prime Minister Najib Razak owned accountants with monies transferred from 1MDB related companies.

Who is this Md Zainal Abidin? Checks on him from the Bar Directory don’t wield any result as a practising lawyer. Google his NGO - Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia linked to a blog that has no content whatsoever. Checks on Registrar of Societies (ROS)’s website don’t have this NGO either.  So, who is this Md Zainal Abidin and his NGO?

When the news of PM’s so called AmBank Account surfaced, there were talk and urge by many quarters that AmBank can put a stop to the who brouhaha by issuing a statement whether such account exits with such an amount of money. However, those who call for this action doesn’t understand that bankers don’t reveal their client’s details and they are bound by Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989.

But now, it is a different thing all together. AmBank Group Chairman, though wasn’t being named directly, he was named indirectly as the one providing information that probably violates Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989. As such, I’ll call for Tan Sri Azman Hashim to clarify Md Zainal Abidin’s allegation and to sue him if such a thing never happen. If Tan Sri Azman Hashim fails to do so, the police force will have to step in to investigate if Tan Sri Azman Hashim violates Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989. Remember Fafizi Ramli’s court case over NFC and violation of Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989? Tan Sri Azman Hashim can no longer sit quietly now. 

We are sick of more lies, conspiracy theories, speculations and double standard practices by the police force and Attorney General. If it is a lie, sue to set the record straight. If it is a violation of the law, please let the culprit to haul to court.

As JRR Tolkien said that courage is found in unlikely places I hope that everyone involved in this whole 1MDB fiasco found their courage to set things right, and do it immediately! 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

All the huh hah about Black Thorn durian

I was first introduced to the Black Thorn on Sunday by my friend Denise who’d sampled it the day before. “You must try it,” Denise said to me over dinner. Thus, instead of having the usual dessert and tea at JW Marriott Hotel, we head up to meet our friends from Kuching. When we reached the famous SS 2 durian stalls, we were told there isn’t any Black Thorn available so Denise suggested that we try our luck at Durian King, located at the TTDI market’s car park.

The so called thorn that made Black Thorn distinctive. I call it a tail. 
Durian King sold out that day’s Black Thorn supply but for consolation, we were treated to cendol with Black Thorn’s toppings. On Tuesday night, I went back to Durian King again with another friend, this one from Sabah. We are lucky that there are still three Black Thorn left, two of which we took. Not too long after we were seated, more and more customers arrived and everyone was asking about Black Thorn.

What is a Block Thorn durian? When Denise told me about a single tiny thorn that is black at the bottom of the durian, I joked that the durian sellers could be dyeing the thorn black as marketing gimmick. When I finally saw the “thorn”; it is not really a thorn but sort of a special birthmark tail for this durian in dark brown color. Its texture and taste are more or less the same as the famous Musang King. Some quarter claimed that it is not as rich so you won’t feel stuffed after having them but I think it is the same too.

Black Thorn is a connoisseur’s durian, claimed a durian seller as published by The Star but I still think it is just another marketing gimmick because this durian costs more per kg than the Musang King, the king of the king of fruits. What that can’t be disputed is that Black Thorn is rare while one can get Musang King everywhere. A kilogram of Black Thorn costs RM 45.00 at Durian King while Musang King only costs RM 35.00.

After finishing two Black Thorns on Tuesday, I can’t help to be thinking that all the brouhaha about Black Thorn are just marketing gimmick and a way for durian sellers to sell something more expensive to increase their revenue as the price of all other durian plummet this year, very much in part due to belt tightening post GST and a strong harvest. Black Thorn for you? Give it a try as nothing beats the experience. And it won’t be long before a new type of durian arrives in the market given that never ending innovation is part and parcel of the world’s existence. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

An afternoon with Sarah Woon about tea

Not too long ago, I sat down with Sarah Woon from The Edge Media Group and CF Wong from Chanoyu Tea Art in an interview cum exchange session about my passion – Chinese tea. Over cups of ripe and green pu erh tea, we talked about everything related to Chinese tea, from its history to the art of tea brewing to investment. Alongside with Sarah’s extensive research and other interviews came the birth of this all you need to know Chinese tea investment article: Tea as an alternative investment.

Courtesy of The Edge Media Group.
Tea as an alternative investment first appeared in Personal Wealth, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on June 15 - 21, 2015. It is also available online at:

Friday, 3 July 2015

PM Najib, please sue WSJ & S’wak Report

It is another blow to the credibility of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak! This time it isn’t in print by The Edge Media Group owned by Datuk Tong Kooi Ong or any other small publishing house, but by none other than the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch and it is even more damning!

For the first time ever, the Prime Minister is said to be having more than US$ 700 million into his personal account with AMPrivateBank transferred by 1MDB related parties. Is WSJ keeping the best for the last? Or there are more to come? All these while, accusations after accusations have been linked to Jho Low but never in the name of the Prime Minister himself as the end beneficiary until WSJ joining in the orchestra.

I call this an orchestra because whenever I read the news of the ills related to 1MDB and counterclaims, I felt that I am transported into a philharmonic theater, then following a cue from a maestro’s baton, the revelations that were published day after day, were like a crescendo yesterday and a contralto today with very short interval. But is it really music to my ears?

No, all these aren’t music to my ears. For months now, Putrajaya and 1MDB have been denying any wrongdoings but denying without affirmative action won’t win the day. To prove critics wrong, bullying tactic by the Home Minister towards The Edge Media Group don’t work either. You can silence up all the critics in Malaysia with an iron fist but you can’t silence up the whole world at this age of globalization.

If 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib have got nothing to hide about the allegations and in the right, prove that the allegations by Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report are wrong. Take legal action against them for misleading the world, for malicious intent, for tarnishing your good name, for conspiracy to overthrow the government by foreign element and well as a plot to link Malaysia as a rogue country. You can always do what Lee Kuan Yew did to the foreign media when they libel him and Singapore! Take WSJ to courts in the United States and Sarawak Report in UK. 

I am very sure that all the legal eagles in Malaysia as well as their overseas associates are more than willing to do it pro bono for 1MDB and the Prime Minister the moment Datuk Seri Najib Razak issue the calling. It is just the matter whether will Prime Minister Najib do such a calling and when! The ringgit is falling, the country’s image is “kanasai” as Hokkien will term it for bad shape, and the people are suffering, so, who don’t feel the pinch and the urge to act if such an act will save the country?

What say you, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah? 

At this stage, denial don't work anymore, it is time for action to prove them wrong! Present your facts and take legal action!