Friday, 20 May 2016

RM 2.6 billion issue and Arab generosity

The big give away sounds like a crazy idea…
                                                                                            Jim Krane, Dubai

In 1966, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan became the ruler of Abu Dhabi. One of his first acts after he took office was to throw open the palace strongbox. He then made an announcement that anyone from the Trucial states, the predecessor to United Arab Emirates, who needed cash can see him. People lined up outside the palace until Zayed emptied the coffers. It sounds crazy but to the Arabs, they considered generosity is what makes a leader. 

I do not have much encounter with Arabs but the few of my acquaintances from work are the generous lot. In I Stand Corrected, Eden Collinsworth, the media executive and consultant wrote: If you are eating in the home of an Arab, do not volunteer your admiration of any possession of his, for it will become yours. We also read of the generosity of Arab princes, especially Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who in 2015 pledged his entire 32 billion dollar worth to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On top of that, it is also reported that wealthy Arab nations and sheikhs gave away millions to various causes including political donation to political parties in United States.

The rest is history.

Since the eruption of the 2.6 billion donation from the Saudi prince and his family to Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak, many quarters have disputed the generosity of the Arabs. Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Najib’s main nemesis claimed that the Arabs are not generous. He cited the experience that when asked for donation from the Arabs, he was given books. He had deliberately forgotten that the International Islamic University in Malaysia was built with funding and support from OIC, with Saudi Arabia as its main sponsor.

Just like the Chinese who prefer to be anonymous when they do a good deed, the Arabs are the same. They do not go around to beat the gong to brag about their charity. I am not good at Islamic study but learned scholars in Islamic study attribute humbleness and charity to Prophet Muhamad’s teaching.

Joining the chorus with Dr Mahathir are the leaders from Pakatan Whatever who claimed that the RM 2.6 billion donation is not from Saudi Arabia but from 1MDB. Investigations have thus far found no linkage with 1MDB’s problems with the 2.6 billion but they are still not letting go.

Imagine this, if it is not true that the money is from Saudi Arabia, from the prince, wouldn’t Saudi Arabia have issued the diplomatic demarche long ago for abusing its good name to steal state fund? Why I have not read that our ambassador to Saudi Arabia will be called in to hear Saudi’s protest? Besides that, why would Saudi Foreign Minister and Transport Minister clear the air if the whole donation thing is a make up by Prime Minister Najib?

No matter what the Arab do to clear the air about the donation, no matter what fact was presented, the anti Najib group will just twist and turn the facts to suit their political benefit. The letter from the donor, the interview done with Saudi Foreign Minister, the statement by the Transport Minister......all were taken out of context and twist. Real become fake, fictionalized. For goodness sake, we are tired of the twist by Dr Mahathir, by DAP and by the Pakatan Whatever.

Perhaps, these group of people that are so good at twisting statements and fictionalized all true facts to be fiction book writers. With their talent, I am sure the sale of the books can make it to the international best seller list and who knows, the writers can make more than RM 2.6 billion.

You may ask why it took me so long to write this. First, I do not write something unless I am convinced. After so much facts presented, I am convinced.  Second, I write because, I am tired of the never ending cooking up of stories related to this donation by the opposition party, by the pro-opposition NGOs and by Tun Dr Mahathir’s gang.

Malaysians need to move forward instead of continuing dancing to the venomous tune set out to destabilize the  country. It's better late than never.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Thank you my friend

The language of friendship is not words but meanings - Henry David Thoreau. 

Sandra, Hung, Hong, Mason and I at Bacchus March.
Words are inadequate to express my deep gratitude to Hung Bui, Hong Huynh and Sandra Nguyen for the great hospitality rendered to me and my family during our recent trip to Melbourne. I just can’t seem to find enough words in my mind to express myself, for I am overwhelmed, but nevertheless, I still want to say thank you very much my friend and I look forward to our next meet in the near future. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Root oh root !

Found this strong rooted bonsai in the garden during my evening stroll. 
Only with strong root that a tree can grow on rock. The same applies to us, the mortals; for only with strong root that we grow and prosper. The same applies too to countries although the word used is not root but fundamental. Many ingredients are needed for a country’s strong fundamental, among them, a strong rooted population, exemplary leaders and political stability. Needless to say, strong fundamental produce a flourishing nation. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

“Fuck you "sohai" Sarawakians”

It is said that weddings and funerals have many things in common. They are emotional events that bring people together and they also bring the best and the worst out of people. However, I would like to add that elections, be it the general election, the state election or a by-election have many things in common with weddings and funerals. The just concluded Sarawak state election have just proven to us that it is an emotional event and it bring the best and the worst out of people.

When the result was announced, people were overwhelmed with emotions and they took it to the social media. The good ones congratulate the opponent party for the win and strive to work harder next time to recapture the lost seat. At the same time, we also see the worst out of people, especially those from the Pakatan Whatever Rakyat or Harapan side.

The culture of hate politics is not new in Pakatan’s culture and they are not short of “idols” for their followers to emulate. Just from Hew Kuan Yaw and DAP’s MP for Tanjong, Ng Wei Aik, one can hear and learn a great deal on how to curse, swear, do name calling and behave like a gangster. In between, there is a candidate who told off his grandmother publicly and accused that she had been bought with money from BN. Then, add in “not your father’s land” and “lut you” and “microphone throwing” by the top leaders, the picture is complete. The basic dignity, respect and moral code of conduct of a human being are alien to them.

As such, with leaders like that, it is not surprised that one female supporter express the wish to fuck Sarawakians  while another called Sarawakians “sohai” (a Contonese word loosely translated as stupid cunt) for supporting Barisan Nasional. There are scores of others who uses the “cheap” word on Sarawakians because it is being falsely indoctrinated in them that BN bought the votes. There are others who wishes Sarawakians forever remain undeveloped with the word “live in jungle” repeated over and over again. I lost count of other curse, swear and name calling being deployed by these rude and disrespectful supporters.

Many years ago, I’ve written that if you did not vote for DAP and its allies, Hew Kuan Yaw will curse you “pok kai ham ka chan” (damn your whole family to death) and call you names. I do not know if Hew Kuan Yaw damned any Sarawakian’s family to death with DAP’s loss of 5 seats and failure to keep the urban votes but I won't be surprised if he do that. So, congratulations to Sarawakians for making the right choice of voting for BN but I pity that you’ve got to beware because there are lunatics out there who want to F you.

To fellow voters in other states, especially in Peninsula Malaysia, maybe you won’t just be fucked for voting for BN in the can be more ! Ubah? Let’s think twice. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mummy, I love you

Mummy and I in Melbourne, circa May 2016. 
Despite the many visits and long stay over the years in Melbourne, I have to confess that although I know the streets of Melbourne and the suburbs at the tip of my fingers, I am completely hopeless with the tram routes. I prefer to walk within the CBD and drive to the suburbs, thanks to the convenience of the location of my residence and having a car at my disposal.

Not much thought was given to this weakness of mine till mom mentioned that she want to take a ride on the tram around the city a few nights ago.  I hesitated for a while because I do not want to be taking the wrong tram plus it was during the rush hour yet at the same time, I do not want to say no to mom. Tactfully, I told her that we will be taking the tram but only along Swanston Street and Flinders Street till Southbank. Though it was only a short ride, mom was delighted. The smile on her face after the tram ride is still vivid in my mind and will remain there forever. 

A "wefie" took during the tram ride. 
I am sharing this story because there are many little things that we can do to make mom happy and to show our love but more often than not, we tend to miss it.

I love you mummy. Happy Mother's Day!