Friday, 28 October 2016

New purple clay teapots from Shanghai

It is a great delight to be arriving home from Europe to find three new purple clay teapots to add to my collections. These teapots are courtesy of Uncle and Aunty Wang of Lu Yu Teashop in Shanghai and hand carried to Malaysia by my good friend Stella.

I am thankful to the Wangs from Shanghai for always remembering me and my fancy for purple clay teapots and to Stella for being my “courierwoman”. It is very unfortunate that we aren’t able to meet during your brief stay in Kuala Lumpur and I look forward to see you again soon.

Each of these three pots are unique and they are made from three different types of clay in the purple clay family; the red clay (红泥), purple clay (紫泥) and “duan ni” (段泥) by Ling Yan Ping 凌燕苹. I hope I’ll be able to find time to polish them to perfection during this year-end holiday. 

藏龙卧虎 , Hidden Dragon,Crouching Tiger

六方狮, Hexagonal Lion

心经,The heart sutra

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