Monday, 3 October 2016

Re: Sarong Party Girls

Dear JL,

You know ah, inspiration to write is very exclusive one. They want to come they come. They don’t want to come they don’t anyhow come.  So hor, when you requested that I shed my seriousness a bit bit and write in Singlish, it is harder than toiling hard labour in North Korea. And pardon me for the delay in writing this as the accompaniment in conjunction with making Sarong Party Girls by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan the book of the month in the office.

Haiyoh. I have to tell you that writing Singlish is harder than writing long long law journals for all the ang moh atas atas publications. Already one chapter nia, uncle here whom you all normally call long winded is already running out of words. I thought aiyaa…sap sap water. Write Singlish nia. But sibeh jialat lah. It make you really respect Cheryl for writing the whole book in Singlish. 

Talk about language ah...whah lau eh..recently I read that Malaysians are making fun of their Deputy Prime Minister for speaking Mangish at the what United Nations General Assembly. But I never understand why lah the people want to criticise him. Everyone have their own ways of speaking one mah. Malaysians should be proud of Manglish like we Singaporeans take Singlish so seriously. 

Last time our ah kong Lee Kuan Yew tried so hard to wipe out Singlish. But hor you see, Singlish is flourishing like Singapore’s GDP, GNP, ERP, PAP and all the P lah. They keep going up and up and up. Somemore now it is under the concern of National Heritage Board. Yes lah. Be proud of your country’s heritage. And now no play play. Even Oxford Dictionary also recognise Singlish. Ah Beng and Ah Lian so shiok when read it on their extra size iPhone, iPad.

What you say leh?

Malaysians are sometimes very confused. At one hand they said do away with everything colonial and foreign but another hand they said you must speak Queen’s English. lah ? The opposition there everyday hentam the government for this fail that fail. Everything also fail fail fail. How can? They sound like Malaysia bo cheng hu. They should see the every weekend Great Singapore Two Days Exodus. See already they sure shuddup. No good place hor, Singaporean won’t go one.

Aiyah.. uncle here not Malaysian so shouldn’t kepo kepo Malaysian’s business but uncle is concerned neighbour ma. Ok lah. I better stop before I start to lor lor sor sor. You know lah, talking politics law and governance made me so shiok one leh. Later I write non stop. I write this also for fun only. No intention yet to write book lah. Year end time but don’t chiong till office upside down hor. Later I come to do spot check.

Bye for now.



P/s: What you’ve just read above what written by my dear boss the Pharaoh at the popular request of his slaves to share with us his Singlish (for laughter). It all started when I was in Dubai not too long ago. The Maharani a.k.a Mrs Pharaoh was reading Sarong Party Girls while I was reading A History of the Arab Peoples by Albert Hourani. In between the boring pages of my book, I read the Sarong Party Girls though fiction wasn’t really my cup of tea.

For a change, I’ve decided to introduce, for the first time in the firm’s history, a fiction as book of the month. (Book of the month is a tradition in my firm where colleagues are encouraged to introduce a book (not related to law) that they deemed worth sharing for a particular month.)

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