Monday, 12 December 2016

A note on the occasion of my birthday

Words cannot describe how fortune, blessed and thankful I am to be surrounded by beloved family members, best of friends and primus inter pares colleagues that stood by me through thick and thin and be here to celebrate a memorable birthday for me. It is a long list to thank everyone by name but I am deeply touched by your best wishes, your time spent celebrating and showering me with wonderful gifts.

On this occasion, I would also like to thank my dear one for the beautiful gift of a pair of wrightia religiousa bonsai trees (pic above) that signifies growth and life.  I hope that these two trees will grow healthily and if possible, to look at their changes 35 years later. After all, you once said that the art of bonsai is an artwork that will never finish – 永远未完成的艺术- a continuous labour of love.

Last but not least, my birthday wish is to see a developed and prosperous Malaysia where everyone from different race and religion live harmoniously, a peaceful world to live without fear and a better tomorrow for everyone. Once again, thank you very much. 

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