Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Is blogging still relevant?

Is blogging still relevant? This is the one question that I’ve been pondering about since about a year ago when I slowly realise that bloggers, political and apolitical ones began to write lesser on their blog(s). Some have migrated to tweeting while the majority just share their thoughts on Facebook or Instagram without the hassle of writing on one platform and sharing it on the other.

In the age of technological superiority, why go the long way when there are guided shortcuts? This is another question that I’ve been asking myself very often too. (More about this later)

Maintaining a blog is not an easy feat. Maintaining a blog when you are always on the move is even harder. None of the many paid and free mobile apps available is blogger friendly; either the texts not aligned or the picture too huge or small to provide a desired result. Hence, I still prefer to blog from my beloved laptop, from the comfort of my working desk and always, with a pot of tea.

However, the constant travelling and hectic work schedule in 2016 eluded me this sort of comfort. My number of posting declined as well as the urge to comment publicly or to venture temporarily into the realm of keyboard warriors. Besides, over the years, I’ve learned that keeping one’s silence is not always a bad thing unless you intend to keep an elegant silence ala Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s 5th Prime Minister to hasten the ending of your career and endeavours.

 Nevertheless, after observing the pro and cons of blogging versus tweeting versus Facebook posting and etc…I’ve come to the conclusion that each medium comes with its own limitations but a blog offers the benefit of tracking, reaching a wider audience and an easily accessible achieve. In my case, my blog’s purposes are to share my thoughts and engage in constructive exchanges.

This blog is my personal digital diary and a platform to connect with friends. It is worth noting that through this blog, I’ve come across many nice friends and a fair share of faceless foes too. Regardless, I thank all for making me a better person.

As Plato put it: “wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they need to say something.” I believe that we are neither wise nor foolish all the time but it is a matter of trending ourselves towards which more often than the other.